Transitioning Back into Everyday Life after Rehab

After you have spent several weeks or months in drug or alcohol rehab, you may think you are ready to go back to your everyday life. In reality, you still may be vulnerable to temptations that might cause you to start using or drinking again. You may need some reinforcement of positive behaviors before you can successfully integrate back into society.

Rather than remain in rehab for several more weeks, you may be a good candidate for moving to what is called a halfway house. In transitional housing, halfway homes, or a recovery house in arlington va former addicts like you can learn how to live a normal everyday routine without succumbing to the temptation or pressure to start using again.

Knowing the Rules

Before you move to this kind of transitional home, you may want to find out more about what will be expected of you as a resident. After you move in, you will be expected to sign and agree to a contract for living there. The contract is legally binding and can result in you being removed from the home if you do not comply.

The rules are relatively straightforward and not difficult to follow as long as you use the skills learned in rehab. Primarily, you will be prohibited from using drugs or drinking during the time you stay there. You cannot bring liquor or drugs onto the property or use them if you want to continue living there.

You also will be expected to get a job and contribute to the function of the household. Your job may need to be at least part-time and be something that you can reasonably do without succumbing to pressure or stress. You may work at a restaurant or an office building, for example. You also will be expected to observe the curfew set by the house administrators.

By following rules like these, you reinforce skills needed to live a sober life. You may transition back into society quickly and avoid the urge to use or drink again. You also learn how to live independently again.